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Our Financial Consultants are experts in working with you to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. Contact us for an initial meeting, always carried out at our expense.

Our Director, Colin Heseltine has been heavily involved in creating the fantastic reputation that HRC Group has within the financial service industry to this day, however, he attributes the success of the company as much down to the team around him than anything else, and believes the knowledge within the group is vast, which in turn benefits our clients substantially.

Our Expert Advisors

Colin Heseltine

Director & Financial Consultant

Bill Corcoran

Financial Consultant

Lee Stephenson

Financial Consultant – DipFA MLIBF

Wilma Edwards

Financial Consultant

Our Client Support Team

Clare Jones

Client Support Team Manager

Lynsey Kelly

Senior Client Support Team

Robert Walton

Client Support

Christopher Hall

Client Support

Elliot Bedford

Client Support

Estate Planning

Kevin Smith

Estate Planning Consultant at HRC Consultancy Limited

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Our Financial Consultants are experts in helping you achieve your dreams. Contact us for an initial meeting, always at our expense.
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