Your Helping Hand.

Most business owners are very good at what they do otherwise they would not be successful. Whether it be making widgets, selling coffee or building websites, our expertise cannot add too much value to helping that skill.

However, what we can do is to help build a better platform for your business to operate from.

Not all business owners feel comfortable or want to be involved in running certain aspects of the business, which in turn allows their skills to flourish.

HRC is here to help. Either by being just another ear/voice to help bounce things off, to look at the short/medium/long term strategy of the company to help plan its path, to give advice around the financial structure, or perhaps to help integrate how the business versus director relationship works from a financial planning perspective and thus in essence act as that non-executive director that brings with it many facets.

We would prefer you to do what you are good at, to help increase profits, whilst we will make your platform as stable as possible to help you and your business be a real success.

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We Are Your HRC Group:

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